'Wrapping Tiny Angels in Love'


As of May 1st, 2015 we are suspending ALL dress donations until further notice. This may last for the rest of 2015 as we work to transform the nearly 1000 dresses that have been donated in recent months. We greatly appreciate your generosity and patience as our volunteers work to create beautiful Angel Gowns for our Tiny Angels. Please check back for updates. We will post one month prior to re-opening dress donations. 

Every year in the USA alone, over 626,000 babies are born through still birth or miscarriage. That's more than one baby every minute that doesn't get to go home with his or her parents.

It is our mission to provide a beautiful, one of a kind, Angel Gown to every baby that needs one. What a special way to honor their precious lives and to provide love and compassion for their parents whose arms, and lives, are left empty by their loss.


If you'd like to donate to help us create, package and ship our Angel Gowns across the country, please click on the DONATE button above. Your monetary gift will be used to purchase necessities such as thread, ribbon, lace, needles, tissue paper, packaging bags, labels, card stock, shipping costs as well as office supplies such as brochures, business cards, envelopes another supplies that we need in order to run this 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Any amount helps us help Tiny Angels all across our country.



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