We ship our Angel Gowns all across the USA to any hospital, bereavement network, funeral home or individual family that is suffering a loss. You may fill out this form to request a shipment of Angel Gowns for your program, or one Angel Gown for your baby or that of a friend or family member. All of our Angel Gowns are DONATED and SHIPPED FREE. There will never be a cost to receive one Angel Gown or an entire shipment of Angel Gowns.

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Please let us know how many losses your department has per month/year. If you can provide approximately how many per gestational period, that would allow us to better understand your needs.

I saw AGOWNY on TV and my compassion overflowed. I had an injury and was left blind in one eye for 3 yrs. But I was blessed and my vision is better than ever. My gift of vision is to do my best making these Angel gowns and remembering my Angel Grand Babies.

~ Diane Koller - Volunteer Seamstress - West Seneca, NY